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Welcome to the QR Code Resource Site

Purpose of this page

The purpose of this microsite is to provide QR code resources for Rogers Radio Stations to access and utilize for mobile campaigns.

Things you can find here include:

QR codes that send visitors to a URL that has the ability to detect what device is being used and direct them to the appropriate application landing page for set device.

How to download files:

Simply right click on the download link and select "Save As". On some browsers, the download will initiate by just clicking on the link.

QR Code information:

Why use QR codes

QR Codes can help leverage one's user base and get them to take the action steps on social sites. Whether it be "likes," "check-ins," or "followers" your station is looking for, the usage of QR codes can be used for a direct, actionable methods of achieving social goals. By creating QR Codes you can make whatever you want more interactive. Put one on business card, on flyers and poster to promote your station and events. Add a QR Code on any print ad and make it more interactive! In addition to enhancing an advertiser's message, QR codes can free up users from having to type in complex and lengthy data on the small keypads of mobile devices. You can create your own QR code quickly and easily via free Web sites.

What is a QR Code?

A QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode, which has encoded in it a URL (web address), text, or other information. These are 2-D bar codes you may have seen them- on FedEx packages - that look a little bit like a randomized checkerboard. They can contain up to 4,296 characters of information in them. It can be read by a QR code scanner, including QR scanner smartphone apps. QR Codes work well in Print ads.

How can I read a QR code?

QR Codes are read using a smartphone, go to the app store and search for a QR code reader. You'll find several free apps available. Run the app, then just point your phone's camera at the QR code and the application on the phone reads the code and automatically con- nects to the Web to unlock special content. Most QR codes have a URL encoded, so chances are when you read the QR code it will take you to a web page. Some Apps to try: iPhone- [QR Scanner, Semacode]. Blackberry-[ QR Scanner Pro, QR Scanner] Android-[QR Droid, Simple QRCode].

How could you use a QR code?

  • You add QR Codes on billboards, business cards, buses, signs, newspapers, magazines or just about any print or visual media. Note; Different QR Codes should be created for different campaigns or advertising channel for tracking purposes. The QR Codes can also be used to track and target unique environments, specific markets and exact locations.
  • QR Codes and with SMS MUST also be a Call to Action (eg. Text ABCBMW to 41513). Make sure you offer an attractive incentive or coupon! The objective here is to: (A) Create a database of potential qualified customers and (B) Send them to your mobile device and show them your mobile ad!